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    Cabaret Paradise, here you can buy tickets with a 30% discount on entry. Paradise Cabaret Arena Cabaret Zvezdnij Nosorog Princess  Strip Club, Lounge Bar PENTHOUSE

    Лучшие клубы Киева

    Paradise Cabaret

    Paradise Cabaret

    2 photo
    A striptease club for the most demanding audience. Located in the center of Kyiv in prestigious Premiere Palace Hotel
    Zvezdnij Nosorog

    Zvezdnij Nosorog

    11 photo
    Striptease Club provides highest-quality, comprehensive service.


    12 photo
    Penthouse - men's nightclub, which, for the past 10 years, gives you not just a striptease, but the real erotic show: alluring and exciting. We are opposed to the banal undressing to music and try to show you the current presentation, which will not be forgotten the next day.


    5 photo
    Charming and mysterious light lures you inside this striptease bar, where talented dancers are already waiting to show you their skills of seduction using the choreography.


    4 photo
    Excellent room décor of various styles only emphasizes the effect of elite strip club.
    RIO Club

    RIO Club

    6 photo
    Club Rio offers an interesting peepshow where beauties perform sexy dances in a private room behind the glass.
    Arena Cabaret

    Arena Cabaret

    8 photo
    An establishment for those who are used to spending their time in a high-class environment only. A strip club which may be called a whole entertainment center.


    1 photo
    A truly stylish striptease bar very popular among all fans of the atmosphere of black-and-while detective films of the 1940s-1950s.
    Red Heat

    Red Heat

    5 photo
    This small strip bar boasts a very interesting nonstop erotic show, in which striptease turns into a bright marathon of beauty and grace.

    Striptease.ua portal – all Kiev strip shows and erotic striptease shows at one web-site

    If you are in search of how to entertain yourself on a night-off in Kiev, you have come to the right web-site. We offer that you might visit by all means a strip show in one of the places enumerated here.

    An erotic show as a kind of men's entertainment appeared many centuries ago in mysterious east. The most beautiful women put all of their talent and skills of giving the pleasure to a man into their each movement, squirming and stripping step by step. Fortunately, the humanity has saved this tradition till nowadays. At present a striptease show combines the atmosphere of a holiday party and the ancient art of the sexual dance.

    In this sight one may find:

    • the most detailed list of the striptease show Kiev clubs. We offer our users the information only about the checked, legal and safe clubs;
    • every club in the list is described generally so that one might find at once the place he would likely go to;
    • one may see every place described with his own eyes without getting up from his armchair, because we have taken this trouble onto ourselves by means of placing the videos of the erotic shows and the photos of the clubs the programs take place at;
    • except the general description one may look through a detailed information about each club which includes the general atmosphere and the theme of a certain place, the opening hours, if it is possible to pay by card or not, the prices and the list of the other services as the availability of kitchen, a secured parking, VIP-rooms, a lounge bar and so on;
    • you may see the other guests’ impression about each club by means of reading comments. We would be very grateful to you for sharing your opinion after having visited one of the places enumerated;
    • the sight also contains the contact phone numbers of all the strip show Kiev clubs, the addresses of the places and the part of the map of the city that shows the district where the place is situated and the way of getting to it.


    If you need a rest to forget about everyday routine, if you want to have a good evening with your friends or if you are going to make an original present to your friend think about a striptease show or a private dance! We will do our best to help you to make the correct choice. We are working for your rest. Enjoy every minute of your life!

    Paradise Cabaret

    A striptease club for the most demanding audience.

    Arena Cabaret

    A strip club which may be called a whole entertainment center.

    RIO Club

    One of the oldest striptease bars in Kyiv, located in the city’s center.

    Boiler Club

    Boiler Club, the place imbued with glamour and atmosphere of endless fun.

    XXI Century

    A synonym of deluxe-class relaxation – that’s what XXI Century is.

    Red Lion

    We invite you to visit the Art Club "RedLion", which is located in the heart of the ancient city of Kiev.


    Solid Gold striptease club is the place for true gentlemen.

    Tato Club

    One of the most famous establishments in Kyiv.


    A classic strip bar where you don’t have to think about anything.


    In the midst of industrial Kyiv there is this wonderful strip club.

    Scotland luring people into libraries striptease

    Cool and gloomy Scotland has never been the epicenter of the reading world.

    Lady Gaga performed a striptease club in a strange

    Star of such magnitude as Lady Gaga, seemingly, can not worry about PR their creations. 

    Loboda danced striptease for a fan

    The singer pulled no scene guy in the front row, sat him on a chair, and ...